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This summer I get the great privilege to travel to Ecuador and New York (Things I will tell later). However, to get there I needed to save on money. The biggest chunk was rent. Of course. So I will be couch surfing until June! The idea that came to mind was that I don’t want to be “comfortable”. I want to get out of that zone and ready to explore in June. Most of all I want to help and learn about everyone I stay with. My little people project. So follow me couch to couch!


StumbleUpon Sunday

There’s nothing better than traveling, we’ve already addressed that, but one of our favorites are meeting cute children from all over the world. This week’s StumbleUpon features 22 Words a website that features some rather interesting reads. We just so happened to stumble upon a photo project by Gabriele Galimberti . Gabriele’s photo projects are so intriguing and fun to look at. 

We all come from different backgrounds and different stories, but it’s so interesting that what as a child we might have loved playing or didn’t really care for  could have been what a child across the globe only dreamt of seeing. This photo project reveals one primary aspect. All children love to play.

You can find the full photo journal here Toy Stories




Alt J. A band that thanks to Ashley I found out about, these English fellas have caught our attention with their indie/rock/experimental sound. Needless to say we love all things Alt J. Perfect music to listen to while studying or even whilst cleaning and cooking (I listen to them whenever I do these things). One of the many favorites Taro.

Miss Kimbra. Oh how we love her. If you don’t know who she is than you’re probably a part of the ever diminishing minority. You might recognize her voice from Goyte’s one hit wonder Somebody That I Used To Know. Sound familiar? Kimbra has got a unique view on life and love and her sounds portray that very well. Her musical capabilities are impressive. (At least to me they are) Settle Down from her Vows album is both a popular and a favorite.

Whenever you’re obsessed with something, whether it be musically related, movie, or book do you find yourself doing research on the author or artist? No? Perhaps I’m a part of that minority. Either way, these talented musicians have been a recent obsession of mine. Meet Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez the musical duo better known as Johnnyswim. What is there not to love about these folks? Their looks, their sound, their style, everything about them is too perfect. Just to prove how beautiful this married couple is take a listen and watch the video posted below. Heartbeats. Originally in their second EP Home.

Channel Orange. Everything about this album is great. Despite the fact it was released almost 2 years ago it still remains an album worth listening to. Frank Ocean’s style of songwriting is very distinctive as well as transcendent. It’s difficult to choose just one favorite song. But if we had to we’d choose Bad Religion.

We’d love to know if you listened to any of these tunes and if so which one was your favorite?

Pen Pals

Writing letters was once the only way people could communicate from afar. Thankfully  we live in a world that allows us to keep in touch from the push of a send button even if there’s a sea in between us. Since Ashley and I live states away we’ve recently begun this journey of writing letters to each other, which may sound comical due to the fact that we text one another constantly, unfortunately however social media and technology has restrained us from communicating and sharing a bit more of our lives with each other. It seems that we’re not the only ones doing this pen pal thing though. We’re seeing a sudden flow of people beginning friendships through Instagram and writing letters to each other.

Check out the letter Ashley recently sent me. It made my day, especially with my favorite tea added in there. Nice touch Ash!🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Honestly it’s fun, writing letters and making envelopes, I also began a pen pal friendship with a dear friend I met through an internship from Brazil and recently he moved back so we’ve chosen to keep in touch through letters.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Do you have any pen pals or did you have this as a child? Tell us about your experiences. We’d love to hear what you think!

StumbleUpon Sunday

For all our wanderlusting and adventuring friends! We Stumbled Upon a fun site this week, filled with traveling stories, destinations to visit, pictures of wonderful places, and tips for first time travelers. This site will definitely leave you with the urge to jump on a plane and adventure across he globe.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 10.19.11 PM


PicMonkey Collage1

This week’s favorite tunes are all on completely different sides of the musical spectrum, irrespective to that however we love them. So here they are!

One Republic. Their new album has turned out to be pretty popular and alongside everyone else we love it! Especially Counting Stars

Another favorite is Eminem new album. Say what you may about the way his angry emotions are conveyed in his songs, but we think his work is pure genius. Throughout the years he’s successfully made songs that fit in and are updated to what today’s generation is thinking and even hearing. We respect him for that, his honesty, and his amazing collaborations. Our recent favorite is the powerful tune Headlights which features Nate Reuss from the band Fun.

Lorde. A teenager who has probably achieved more than any of us ever did at the age of 17. At least I speak for myself (Rachel). I’ll shamelessly admit that every now and then I tend to be the musical hipster that discovers artists or bands that no ones heard of and then years/months later they make a scene in the mainstream music world. We’ve all done it. For me Lorde was one of them and then out of nowhere a month later her hit “Royals” became popular and now she’s nominated for Grammy’s and one of the lineups for Coachella. Kudos to you Miss Ella. We salute you! One of our faves from her debut album is Team.

And finally Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Mister John Legend. This man is the epitome of what Romeo would have been like had he lived in our times and been a music man. His recent released album has shown once again to be swoon worthy. Our favorite All of Me.